You’re Different When Building

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You’re Different When Building

Over the years we have built many many, beautiful things for many many different people.

People with all types of characters, some I have known previously and still know now, some we have met and helped with their journey and some friends and some family.

Something that happens to you all, is that you change! You’re different when building!

You’re braver, take risks that ordinary you wouldn’t and you feel free and constantly accomplished and proud. Whilst sometimes inevitably slightly stressed you are excited, bolder, satisfied and feel alive.

This as the contractor is so much more fun and satisfying to deal with opposed to a commercial developer who is tuned in, driven by margin. Some developers are fun, please do not get me wrong when building high-end projects as they always have more freedom with the scope of works, and feel passionate about doing a good job to capture their target market.

I would strongly recommend anyone in undertaking a new build construction or a barn conversion. With the way house prices are constantly rising across the South West and they low interest rates, now is most certainly in my opinion the time to start. You most certainly will end up with a finished project that will be completed under market value so should carry instant equity forward which will put you in good stead going forward for years to come. You also get to design exactly what you want and need, instead of settling for what the local estate agent has to offer.

Check out our other blog with reference to self-build funding and as always pop in to our offices for an impartial chat.