Twins, Twice as Nice Tailored Living.

Following a handful of detailed pre-start meetings with our new lovely client couple, who are converting the last remaining unconverted stone barn on a beautiful farm yard in Northwoods just outside of Winterbourne, Bristol. We have decided to future proof the first floor bedrooms.

Our clients have twin boys who are age 2, both our clients and the boys want to share bedrooms now, but, in the future may not.

It’s important to our clients that the boys remain close and we understand that completely.

We have decided to convert the barn and incorporate a very large room at first floor, which the boys will share. This room will have two doors entering the room side by side, two radiators and two lighting circuits. We will plan the internal partitions so that they are ready to take a non-load bearing structural stud partition, meaning that future division will be easy and seriously low cost. We are expecting a call during the next 5 years or so, to come and erect the stud, as boys being boys will one day want some privacy.

As do we all, our clients clearly, deeply love their children and its obvious this is their main driver. It’s so nice to be a part of their journey and the thought of them all spending many happy years in the barn post completion makes my job, in my opinion, the best job in the world.