Spring into 2020 with a little Feng Shui

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Spring into 2020 with a little Feng Shui

With a little warmer weather and spring in the air, we all tend to feel a little better and more upbeat. The birds are singing the morning chorus and the flowers are budding.

We all seem to without thinking start to spring clean, that overwhelming urge to tidy our homes and gardens, clearing out the winter junk.

So why not, following a few runs to the tip, try taking a few Feng Shui tips from us?

Feng Shui, in basic terms is a Chinese philosophy, harmonising everyone with the surrounding environment. You may think it’s all a bit la-dee-da but I say, anything that could possible aim to help relax you in your busy life is worth a try. Especially when you have three children, 5 and under like I do.

So, make a start by clearing out that clutter and hiding away the items that are on display and not really needed, pop to the local garden centre and pick up a few indoor plants, if something in your house is broken and niggling you….. FIX IT, get a small indoor water feature so you can listen to the calm sound of running water in your home and of course have a good old clean.

All of the above has come from years of conversations with great interior designers that we have had the pleasure of working with. I think that the purpose of this blog really, is to get the mind thinking and to get our clients to take a step back look at their current way of living retrospectively.

Of course, when building a design and build dream home we will always consider interior design types and styles when designing to suit each of our clients individual needs, but it really is, never too late.