Our Carbon Mission

Bespoke Land Seedlings

Our Carbon Mission

Assessing our carbon footprint & our ambition


Bespoke Land Carbon offset

Above: The first 100 Acorns planted

Our Carbon Awakening


I’m embarrassed to say, it took my 8 year old son Max to ask me, following us watching Sir David Attenborough’s Life On Our Planet “ hey Dad, what do you all at Bespoke do to reduce your impact?” to make me realise that shamefully, our answer was….. Pretty much nothing Max. I subsequently raised this, during a lockdown management Teams call and it was agreed, we needed change! We set about analysing our Carbon Footprint, which consists of two main areas, our office-based workforce, and our construction sites.

Creating a Carbon Neutral Workforce & Construction Site


Our Ambition

We have established, that we need to plant 660 trees per year to ensure our office-based workforce is climate neutral. When considering our standard, average building methods, we need to plant 650 trees for every square foot of residential house we build. We will need to plant circa 28,000 trees during 2021 to meet our goal. The above is a huge undertaking for us as a business or indeed any business. Ambitious you say? Yes, but we are more than up for the challenge!

We are now investing a small amount of our company profits into the purchase of a polytunnel, which will give the capacity to plant 10,000 seeds at any one time, along with part time help to make this achievable. Once we have our saplings ready for planting, we will be on the hunt regionally to find safe, long term, sustainable locations to plant.


Bespoke Land Seedlings

Above: The first Seedlings