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Water Mist Systems v Sprinkler Systems

Looking back at one our clients who designed a beautiful utility room, with detailed perfection, it became evident that sprinkler system water tanks tend to have a heavy ‘Commercial Look’ and not the streamline unit or ‘easy on the eye look’ they were looking for. This gave us an idea to consider something different as some things simply cannot be changed.  Obstacles such as this bring a challenge, but also broadens our own options and how to overcome them, which gave us an idea – Water Mist Systems!  This is a new and exciting area for us as a building company to become involved with Water Mist Systems, as without doubt, this will be the best way forward to protecting not only commercial properties but now our own dream homes.  Mist Systems not only reduce the risk of the fire spreading to other areas by the way they are designed to work, but the amount of water damage too is greatly reduced.

Principles of the Water Mist System

Water Mist systems control and suppress fires by cooling of temperature and surface wetting.  With the systems producing very small water droplets over a large surface area are made available and thus, the speed of the cooling effect of the water is increased. As the water uses the thermal energy from the fire source to heat up, it changes from a liquid into a gaseous phase, displacing oxygen from the fire location. The amount of oxygen displaced remains local to the fire source and does not affect the tenability of the protected area.  Once the water is discharged, the light droplets remain airborne for longer and retain a volume of mist in the protected area. This aids in surface wetting of the surrounding materials to assist in preventing the spread of the fire. The cooling effect of the mist reduces the ambient temperature of the room. This aids with the reduction of flammable vapours being produced to assist in the prevention of flashovers.

Water Mist V Sprinkler Systems come with benefits!

No Heavy Intrusive 1,000 Litre Tanks or heavy, long runs of pipe work.  No more complicated installations, with the added benefit that Mist systems are typically lower in cost from the design stage through to the installation and ongoing running and maintenance.No unsightly intrusive Sprinklers that jump out at us, despite how hard we try to disguise them! Mist systems are invisible, intelligent and intuitive systems which are continuing to grow in choice over the traditional sprinkler systems.