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Health and safety in construction

All industries and workplaces have regulations and procedures in place to limit the likelihood of accidents and to safeguard staff, clients and the public. But for companies like Bespoke Land, who operate in construction, adhering to robust health and safety (H&S) practices is absolutely critical – lives literally depend on it.

Did you know construction workers have one of the most dangerous jobs in Britain? Data from the  Health and Safety Executive (HSE), shared by the Telegraph, reveals that there were 196 deaths on construction sites between 2011 and 2016.

There are hazards aplenty on any construction site, whether it’s a new build or renovation project. Not only is there a risk of workers falling from a height, but there are dangers associated with falling objects, moving heavy items and sometimes, handling hazardous materials.

For a construction site to be as safe as possible, everyone involved in a project needs to be educated and trained on H&S practices, follow the correct procedures at all times and help to ensure that everyone else does, too.

Construction Regulations 2015

In 2015, the HSE published its Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 (CDM 2015), replacing CDM 2007. The publication details the legal H&S requirements for all construction projects, from concept to completion. It sets out the responsibilities of each duty holder in ensuring that projects are carried out in the safest possible way.

As a domestic client, your duties under the CDM 2015 are passed on to the company carrying out the construction work.

The CDM 2015 sets the industry standard and it’s essential that all companies comply. Still, there are many firms that aren’t taking H&S as seriously as they should. Just take research from law firm Clyde & Co., which found that fines resulting from H&S breaches soared by 83% in the year to 31 January 2017, from £7m to £13m.

Rest assured with Bespoke Builders

Here at Bespoke Land, health and safety is not something we take lightly. In fact, it’s one of our top priorities.

We’ve put together a H&S plan, in line with the CDM 2015, that’s used on every single project we undertake. The plan helps teams to identify main H&S risks on a site and outline proposals for the effective management of those risks. Having this plan in place will allow you – and us – to progress through the build safe in the knowledge that everything, and everyone, is protected.

If you want to chat through health and safety some more or want to discuss ideas for your next self-build project, give us a call today.