Light My Fire – The Advantages of Wood Burners

Winter is drawing in, and we’re already noticing a bit of chill in the air here in Bristol. It’s the time of year when you start to need your heating, and the time when having an energy-efficient heating solution starts to pay dividends.

At Bespoke we are used to installing all types of heating systems into homes as part of new build and conversion projects, and in recent years we have seen more and more people enquire about the costs and merits of log burners as a primary source of heating. Here are some of the key advantages of installing a log burner:

Bring a warm glow to your home

One of the biggest attractions of a log burner is the level of character and ambience they bring to a home. A traditional fire flickering in a living room looks extremely decorative and provides a cosy, pleasant heat that continues for a long time after the fire has gone out (unlike gas fires).

Save on energy bills

With energy prices rocketing up year after year, a log burner offers a way to escape the clutches of the big energy companies and make huge long term savings on the costs of heating your home over the winter. Instead of ever-more expensive heating bills, the only on-going costs are the logs themselves.

Adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle

Logs are a renewable, carbon neutral fuel source, provided that you source them from a reputable supplier with access to well-managed woodland. The carbon dioxide emitted when burning the logs is offset by that taken in by growing new trees.

Benefit from a reliable heat source

A wood burner is simple and easy to maintain, and isn’t reliant on electricity or other technology that is liable to break. If you plan ahead and stock-pile wood for the winter, a log burner will serve as a very dependable heating solution throughout the coldest months and into the Spring.

If you are considering building your dream home, and want to know more about log burners and other eco-friendly elements that can be incorporated for sustainable living, contact us on 01179 248335 or email us via our contact page.