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Focus on..Internorm Windows

I recently wrote about an eco-friendly design & build project in Gloucester. We’re working with Internorm windows on this build, and it’s worth going into a little more detail about this brand because I think their products are seriously impressive.

Internorm is a German manufacturer of windows and doors, who work with a small, select number of approved suppliers across Europe and the world. We’ve used Internorm windows on a few projects in the last year or so, and I’ve been struck by their quality and finish. They are wooden on the inside, aluminium on the outside, and there are all sorts of clever features, like opening the frames to clean inside the glass, and remote ventilation and shade capabilities.

One of the really attractive things about Internorm is the versatility of their product – they have four main window ranges, designed to appeal whether you’re looking for an ultra-modern floor-to-ceiling glazed wall, or a more traditional finish.Each of the ranges is available in a wide range of specifications, and the company continually develops new technological advances in areas such as ventilation, shading, security and thermal efficiency.

Here’s a handy guide to the four main ranges, and some of the key features you can expect to find at Internorm– something to chat to your architect or designer about!

4 main ranges:


These square windows and doors are uber-modern and unconventional. There are no visible window frames, creating a minimalist, clear structure that works perfectly with stripped back, contemporary buildings. This is a cutting edge design choice, and allows you to incorporate huge picture-style, full-width and height windows in a really unusual way.

Home Pure

Similar to Studio, this range is simple, square and pure but the glass is used more sparingly here, resulting in orderly stacked cubes and slightly smaller windows. This range is still ultra-modern, yet arguably slightly more conventional, without losing any of the style.

This range is perfect for letting in lots of light and creating a bright, pared-back and modern exterior.

Home Soft

The range is slightly more traditional, and brings to mind descriptions like cosiness, friendliness and harmony. This range really suits a family home, enabling you to create a little oasis of calm.


This is a timeless, classical style – think Art Nouveau, elegant country estates, tasteful high standards – with a huge amount of technology built in.

Key Properties/Features

Stable Core

Internorm windows are resource-saving, sustainable -and strong. Their wooden window frames are made by gluing together thin layers of timber. This creates a very durable product, that’s also humidity-resistant and eco-friendly.

Smart Window Technology

Operate ventilation and shade remotely – this is a very clever piece of kit! You can sign into an app in order to regulate air, light, ventilation and fans.


Ventilation is integrated into the window frame so you don’t have to open and close windows in order to get fresh air. It’s a safety feature as well, making sure the flow of air is correct – and it can be set for individual rooms to give you flexibility.


Windows lock via flaps located within the frame, creating a high security product, obviously a hugely attractive feature.


Gapless chamber filling insulation is fitted in all windows, using granulate not foam, which creates improved thermal insulation.

So, there you have it, a potted summary of this first-class product. I’ve been impressed with the finish and durability of this product, and over at Bespoke we’ll certainly consider working with them again. Have a chat with your designer or architect to find out more – or give us a call at Bespoke to find out more about our experience creating new design & build homes.