Bats, Bats, Bats

Bats and how to deal with them

Bats, Bats, Bats

Exciting times for us at Bespoke as we have just secured the purchase of a new and very interesting farm site in Chepstow, SW with 6 detached barns.

The site consists of 6 barns which are currently used by a beef farmer. The farmer is retiring and has had local authority planning consent to change the use of the barns into residential. Unfortunately the planning approval was obtained many years ago and due to the age of the application, the consultants reports (ecology & structural) are out of date. Luckily the farmer had a small start on the construction works and has a Certificate of lawfulness which means the planning approval is still valid.

We have appointed our preferred Ecology Consultant who have been to site and have confirmed that they have seen droppings and bat like entrance holes within the random stone work.

The bat that is suspected to be currently residing in one of the Units is the Lesser Horse Shoe Bat.

We now need to undertake a full Bat flight survey and have our appointed consultants what us while we undertake the demolition and soft strip of the site.

This obviously, is a more time consuming process and needs to be handled with great care and attention.

Bats are common issue found within barns ready for conversion and whilst some contractors would be put off by this we understand the process and will follow, complying with Natural England’s Guidelines and the license that we will be granted.